Wood Pellets  ENPlus 6mm White

Wood Pellets ENPlus 6mm White

Pellets – environmentally friendly fuel that is produced from wood waste without the use of any harmful impurities and used for heating of residential buildings, institutions, businesses, industrial complexes. Wood pellets diameter 6-8 mm and length of approximately 20-50 mm. The calorific value of wood pellets equals 5 kW / hour on one kilogram. We offer pellets class A1 and A2, packed in plastic bags of 15 kg.

Weight in package: 15 kg
The weight of one pallet: 990 kg
Length: ca. 20-50mm
Species: Pine
Heating capacity: 4,74 – 5,2 kWh/kg
Ash: <= 0,3%
Sulfur content: <= 0,1 %
Humidity: <= 6,95 %