Nestro 95 mm

Nestro 95 mm

Briquettes are round and look like bits of wood, which are also decorative when burned in a fireplace or furnace with wood. Wood briquettes Nastro are packed in 10 kg bags of 4 briquettes in each package. The pallet has 96 packs and 960 pounds.

Briquettes Nestor consists of 100% pure birch shavings. The briquettes are well compressed so that the outer part does not collapse.

During burning, briquettes reach the length. So make sure they are not too close to the edges and oven panels – break the briquettes.

Typically, briquettes are cheaper than ordinary wood, which is mainly due to a lower moisture content of briquettes.

Wood in Nestor briquettes – pine and beech. This is a residual product from other products. Thus, briquettes become CO2 neutral.

SpecificationsAdd information
 Shape – Briquette NestroDelivery package opened free icon Package: plastic bags on pallet
Humidity free icon Humidity (%) < 5,00Manufacturing plant free icon Way of organization: distributor
Ash content (%) < 0,54Agreement free icon a certificate : +
Forest free icon Wood: mix 50/50Astersik free icon can supply to 300 t, per month
burn, fire, flame, hot, torch icon Burn value: 4300 Kcal/kg Units on a pallet: 96