Firestarters Inflame Natural 24 pcs in pack

Firestarters Inflame Natural 24 pcs in pack

Ecological Firestarters Inflame for barbeque, oven, and fireplace. It’s produced from mixed wood fiber and wax, bee wax. The burning time of one firestarter is from 8 to 10 minutes. It will easily start burning large pieces of wood, coal, brown coal, briquette, eco-pea, pellets and even wet wood. Our firestarters do not have harmful residues that affect the taste of barbecue food (food should be placed on the grill after the firearm has completely burnt out). Instruction of use: in the place where the lighting will take place (grill/ fireplace /bonfire /cauldron), place the firelighter as close to the material to be lit (wood /coal /eco pea-coal) as possible, and then light up. In case of a grill, the food should be placed on the grill after the firelighter is completely burned out. Date of expiration: none.

Made of several wood types, contains wax.

The firestarters should be burned out totally before preparing food, and the grill fuel should be covered by ashes. Grilling in closed spaces requires a ventilation shaft. In case of fire, use extinguishing sand, carbon dioxide, extinguishing powders.

Warning! Do not use spirits or gas for lightning up and re-lighting after extinguishing.

• Ideal for indoor or outdoor use – start fires in fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits, campfires
• Only need to use one fire starter per fire.
• Perfect size for the backpack carry.
• Made with a blend of waxes and renewable, recycled biomass fiber
• Starts fires quickly & easily

The strongest firelighters 1 burn 8-12 min 1 Inflame Firestarter can start your fire, Firestarter are completely odorless and eco-friendly. 24 Inflame Firestarters in a pack Very high flame and burning time.

Perfect for Stoves, barbeques garden pit and Open Fires. Used with dry logs only 1 will start your fire For Stoves, Barbecues, Campfires BBQ and Open Fires.

Qty in pack24 sachets
Dimensions packs (cm)30 cm x 20 cm
СompositionWooden coat
Burning time8 to 12 minutes