Briquettes type RUF

Briquettes type RUF

Wood briquettes are a biofuel product that emits less ash than wood.

Light wood briquettes made of excess wood and compressed wood good quality chips – it gives a light, eco-fry RUF’s wood briquette a uniformly high quality. Light RUF briquettes are delivered from the same factories every time, and the quality and production can, therefore, be controlled.

RUF briquettes are characterized by a good wrapping and a good texture that almost does not crumble. RUF is an economically advantageous form of heat. It’s about 50% cheaper to fire with light RUF briquettes than firewood. The firewood and briquettes are ready for use immediately and have a long-lasting flammability.

Delivery by mobile truck or lift a car, if you have a wish it must be delivered by mobile truck or lift a car, so write it in delivery note, applicable throughout the country.

SpecificationsAdd information
 Shape – Briquette RUFDelivery package opened free icon Package: plastic bags on pallet
Humidity free icon Humidity (%) < 5,00Manufacturing plant free icon Way of organization: suplier
Ash content (%) < 0,50Agreement free icon a certificate : +
Forest free icon Wood: beechAstersik free icon can supply to 100 t, per month
burn, fire, flame, hot, torch icon Burn value: 4800 Kcal/kg Units on a pallet: 96 (1 pack = 10 kg)