Advantages of wood fuel briquettes

Advantages of wood fuel briquettes


Advantages of wood fuel briquettes in comparison with other types of solid fuel:

– The calorific value of briquettes is 4.5 – 5.0 kWh / kg, that is, it is larger than that of firewood and is close to calorific value with pellets and certain types of coal.
– Briquettes require less space for storing and transporting: one euro pallet of briquettes weighing 1 ton (about 1 m3) is equivalent to 3 – 4 cubic meters of wood. Accordingly, the costs of transportation and storage of fuel are substantially reduced.

– Convenient packaging (basically 10 kg) allows you to unload and put them manually in the garage, basements and even in the pantry or on the balcony of the apartment.
– Low ash content (0,5 – 1,0) After the burning of fuel briquettes there is ash, and not coal, as in the burning of other solid fuels.
– The release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere when burning fuel briquettes is minimal.

– Compared with wood, briquettes do not require preliminary drying.
– Fuel briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, do not “shoot” and do not spark.
– Duration of the burning of briquettes: in comparison with usual wood, the bookmark in the stove can be made several times less often.
– The constant temperature throughout the burning of wood briquettes (with a large burning time).
– Briquettes, unlike pellets, can replace other types of solid fuel (coal, firewood) without proper modernization of boilers and furnaces.
– A possibility of prolonged storage of briquettes without deterioration of their qualitative characteristics, negative impact on the environment; Improvement of working conditions of the boiler-house staff.